Writer, comedian, actor, knitter, reader, and all round craft machine Josie Long (who is awesome and my hero), has set up a project called One Hundred Days To Make A Better Person. The idea is simple: “from 1 December 2009, Josie Long cordially invites you to pledge to do one thing every day for 100 days in a bid to generally make things better.” I am partaking and have decided to keep it simple: I’ll be writing at least 100 words a day, for 100 days, to get into the habit of writing daily. I have just finished writing on day 1. My word count for the day was 368 (not counting these words), and I have started writing a story that I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s a sort of detective story/magazine article/short story collection/novel thing, entitled The Distinguished Gentleman’s Last Case. I’ll keep you updated on my progress here and on twitter, using the #100days tag.

I’ll leave you with Josie’s introduction. Take it away, Josie. Now bring it back:

“Hello friends and welcome to One Hundred Days to Make Me a Better Person.

From December 1st, myself and a group of comedians, writers and musicians will be trying to make ourselves better, every day, for a hundred days. Some will be working towards a big project, like learning a language, and others will be doing the same something, like writing a letter each day.

As the days go on we’ll be documenting and posting our experiences here, as well as on our flickr and twitter accounts.

On March 10th, we will present our experiences, and perform some of the things we’ve made at a spectacular gig for the London Word Festival. The gig will feature a gallery space for people to show off their own projects and all kinds of hi-jinks.

We want you to join in too!

All you have to do is decide on a project to do every day for a hundred days.

It can be the same thing every day or working towards something big. The only thing is that it has to be towards improving yourself. Make yourself friendlier, stronger, wiser or just sillier!

Check back in to the site to see everyone’s progress – we will be blogging about it every day.”

Follow us on twitter.com/hundredday. Look for #100days tweets

Find us on flickr.com username: A Hundred Days To Make Me a Better Person

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