New New and Old New

I have two bits for you today. One is a new recording of an old song, the other is the chorus of a new song.

Firstly: a new recording of an old song. It is a silly song. I should also put in a TRIGGER WARNING for domestic violence.

It is a short song, and so ideal for experimenting with. I recently installed GarageBand on my iPhone and used this song to take it for a test spin. Vocals and piano were recorded through the iPhone’s built in microphone (hence a bit of background hiss) and the “viola” was “played” by “me” (those last “” were a little unnecessary, but hey, I was on a roll) using GarageBand’s Smart Strings tool. All recording and editing was done on the phone. Ain’t technology wondrous?

Secondly: a (bit of a) new song. I’ve only recorded the chorus so far. Indeed, I’ve only written the chorus so far. And it doesn’t even really make sense without a verse preceding it. But I’m such a flighty songwriter that once I’ve lost momentum on a song, I find it very difficult to go back to. So this might well be all this song ever is.

This one was recorded in through my laptop’s built-in microphone, with three vocal parts and two guitar parts on top of a drum loop and some kind of synthesized “medieval recorder” (GarageBand’s words, not mine).

And now, the Lyrics, such as they are:

You broke my heart
So I broke your arm
It is clear to me
That you did more harm.

I broke your heart
And you broke my leg
I was the one
With forgiveness to beg.

Life Lessons
That’s not a metaphor
It really was on fire
Literally on fire
My life is a metaphor
My life is a metaphor
My life is a metaphor.

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