I Love You

I originally wrote this blog a couple of weeks ago, but then couldn’t remember where I’d put the recording of the song. I found it today, so here it is.


I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I’m sure you do too. This morning, I was feeling angry and helpless and devastated and lost, because my external hard drive – with 500GB of files, photos, videos, audio, creative work, etc – stopped working.

OK, so it wasn’t quite as simple as that. It didn’t just stop working. I got my foot caught in it’s cable, it flew across the room, and then stopped working.

But then technology came to the rescue, in the form of The Internet. I’m sure you’ve heard of this marvel of the modern age. If not, I highly recommend you check it out. It brought unbridled joy to me this morning, just when I was most in need of it. I was literally jumping around the room in excitement when I found this: The Rutles – Lunch. To put it mathematically, Lunch is to The Rutles as the Cirque du Soleil’s Love is to The Beatles. It is a labour of love by a Rutles fan with time, patience and dedication to spare. And for this, I thank him, truly, madly and, indeed, very deeply.

The Rutles, for those of you who don’t know, are a Beatles ‘spoof’ band, conceived by Eric Idle (from off of TV’s Monty Python), with music by Neil Innes (from off of music’s Bonzo Dog (Doo Da) Band and TV’s Monty Python). There have so far been two Rutles films (the second, Can’t Buy Me Lunch, is by all accounts a stinker), and while I enjoy the original film, for me The Rutles’ albums are where it’s at. Like the films, there have been 2 Rutles albums. Unlike the films, however, the second Rutles album is amazing. It is one of my favourite albums of all time. Really.

In 2002, I used to perform a cover of a song from the second album at open mic nights around Melbourne. This is The Rutles’ version:

This is my home recording, sitting on my bed in my makeshift bedroom in North Fitzroy, direct onto minidisc (remember minidiscs?):

I Love You (Neil Innes)

Every time I see you walk by
There’s a certain look in your eye
And your smile says there’s something that I
Should tell you
Every time we meet we say “Hi”
“How’s it going?” “Fine” we reply
But I wonder what would happen if I
Could tell you…

I love you,
I love you

I don’t know why it is or what you do to me
Vocabulary-wise with you I’m all at sea
Every time I’m with your I try
I’m not a shoe-gazin’ kind of a guy
But somehow I just come over too shy
To tell you

Why can’t I tell you how I feel
It’s so absurd
Why does my tongue get tied on three little words?
I feel as if I’m falling apart
Do I blame my head or my heart?
Because I stop every time I start
To tell you

I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you,
I love you.

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