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I seem to have let this blog go a bit. Sorry about that. My last post was a bit cryptic and I never followed through. Basically, I’ve now got a website for mobile phones, featuring my soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and blog feeds in one handy place! Point your browser at katzette.mobi.at or scan the QR code with your phone:

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Anyway, on with the show. Since moving back to the UK, I no longer have access to my old cassettes or a decent guitar, so I haven’t got any new – or old – music for you.

Having said that, looking back over my old posts, I see that neglected to post about the release of the Lemonheads fan tribute series, the Squealing Fans Covers Project. Well, here’s the hot news: The Lemonheads fan covers project got released! In December 2010. I’m only a year and a half late.

At the final count, I had 6 songs included. You can download the entire collection (covering 8 of the Lemonheads’s albums) here (although you will need to register on the forum to get access to it). My six songs you can find right here:

And these are the Lemonheads versions:

I Am A Rabbit:

Dawn Can’t Decide:

Plaster Caster:

Hate Your Friends:

Favorite T:

Being Around:

I’ll try to have something else up here soon.

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